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Peter Pan Render
Peter Pan
Franchise Peter Pan
Model INF-1000306
Voice by Blayne Weaver
Costume Peter Pan Costume

Peter Pan is the protagonist of the movie of the same name. He was going to be playable in Disney Infinity 3.0,[1] but was scrapped upon the cancellation of Disney Infinity and the closing of Avalanche Software.


No gameplay footage of Pan had surfaced yet, leaving his exact move set a bit of a mystery. However, we did have some clues as to how he would have played from the description on the back of his box:

Icon-quote "Neverland's favorite Lost Boy uses his acrobatic flying skills while wielding his dependable dagger."
—Peter Pan's description from the back of his box

From this, we knew that Peter had the ability to fly, and that his primary melee weapon was his dagger from the movie.

Eventually, a channel called Infiniteer Adventures had been given footage of Peter Pan playing in-game, from sources close to the Infinity Project. This game our first look at him, his moves and his animations.

At some point, his model, textures and animations were found on Disney Infinity 3.0's files, and has been almost fully resorted in the game by modders; although, he is still incomplete, due to him having a few problems, missing effects, dialouge, etc.


Disney Infinity 3 0 Peter Pan D23 2015

Peter Pan being confirmed at D23.

At Toy Box Summit 2015, the toy box artists in attendance were given the task of choosing one of the next figures to be made for Disney Infinity 3.0. While the decision was made at the summit, the artists' choice was not made public until the D23 Expo later that year. The artists had chosen Peter Pan.

Pan was confirmed to be arriving during the lifespan of 3.0 rather than for a future game;[1] however, the Disney Infinity series was cut short before the character could be finished.

Production of the figure was evidently very far along when he was scrapped, perhaps even completed; a final figure design had been decided upon,[2], a three-dimensional figure and box design had been finalized,[3] and all voice lines for the character had already been recorded by voice actor Blayne Weaver.[4] Given the evidence, it seems that the character was, at the very least, almost finished.


  • In September 2016, someone somehow managed to procure a physical figure of Peter Pan, still in the box.[3] Reportedly, this person attempted to sell the figure for $2,000 U.S.D.
    • When asked about the matter, John Vignocchi commented to say that "Only a handful of (the Peter Pan figures) exist," indicating that there may indeed be more of the figures out in the wild. He also confirmed that the figures would not work in the game today, as this would have required a patch to add him, which is now unlikely to come due to the game's cancellation. [5][6]
    • Later, on November 29, 2016, another prototype Peter Pan figure, also still in the box, was sold for $995.00 U.S.D. The seller claimed to have received it from an ex-Disney employee, and that the figure was a "Final Stage Production Sample..." and "Part of a very limited production run to ensure final quality standards before mass manufacture."[7] The seller showed more views of the figure than had been seen in the past, including the never-before-seen back of the box.[8]
      • A third prototype surfaced on eBay in December 2016, again showing both the front and back of the box. This one would eventually sell for $1,675.00 U.S.D.[9][10]


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