Phineas' Pinball Mania is an adventure in Disney Infinity. It is Phineas Flynn's character adventure. The game places you in a giant pinball machine-shaped structure. The first thing you must do is strategically place ten pinball pieces in the machine. When you are done with that, a black ball is released into the machine. The player then takes control of the ball. The goal is then to use the ball to prevent a group of omnidroids from crossing into the exit. If you hit one with the ball, it shatters. If five omnidroids cross the finish line to the exit, you lose. The goal is to keep that from happening for as long as possible.

Disney Infinity- "PHINEAS" adventure gameplay pinball mania

Disney Infinity- "PHINEAS" adventure gameplay pinball mania


Bronze: stay alive for 1:00

Silver: stay alive for 2:15

Gold: stay alive for 3:00


  • If you are in one-player mode, the second player ball will be controlled by the game and will fight alongside the you.