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Pirates game piece
Pirates Play Set
HexIcoN-game-Pirates of the Caribbean IcoN-Edition-1.0
Game Type Play Set Game
Model INF-2000001
Genre Combat
Franchise Pirates of the Caribbean
Figures Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Davy Jones
Cast Members Joshamee Gibbs, Tia Dalma, Pintel, Ragetti
Enemies Pirates of the Caribbean Enemies, Sao Feng's Ships, Kraken (boss), Davy Jones (boss)
Packs & Tools Flintlock, Blunderbuss, Pirate Bombs, Atlas Blade
Mounts None
Vehicles The Black Pearl, The Flying Dutchman, Dinghy
Customization Buried Treasures, Open Sea Sky

Banner-1.0-Pirates Play Set
Sail ships on the high seas, choose and customize the crew, and then take part in daring missions on land. Find the mystical treasure before Davy Jones takes control of the seas and every pirate’s fate!

The Pirates Play Set is one of three Play Set Games available with the Game Piece from the Disney Infinity 1.0 Starter Pack.[1] It was released on August 18th at launch.


Jack Sparrow must stop Davy Jones and the Kraken by collecting pieces of the Kraken's Bane and uniting them, and then using the Kraken's Bane to suspend the Kraken while battling Davy Jones and his fleet. The Play Set can also be played as Barbossa and even Davy Jones himself. Along the way, you complete missions of several NPCs like Joshamee Gibbs, Tia Dalma, Pintel and Ragetti.

Differences between the films and the Play Set[]

Despite the play set being inspired by movies 1-4, there are multiple key differences:

  • Elizabeth and Will are completely omitted. Other characters omitted include Jack's father - Captain Edward Teague, Scrum, Blackbeard (although the red and black enemy ships may be partially inspired by the movie rendition of the Queen Anne's Revenge), Angelica, Lord Beckett, James Norrington, Syrena, Phillip and all of Jack's named crew except Gibbs.
  • Jack's debt to Davy Jones is never brought up.
  • Barbossa is only a playable character and is not part of the main story (and as such his relationship and rivalry with Jack is never brought up).
  • Tia Dalma is never revealed to be Calypso (although the Calypso's Rage tool is a reference to her).
  • Jack Sparrow doesn't die and never goes to Davy Jones's locker (although some of his respawn quotes refer to these events).
  • Sao Feng is not a main villain and doesn't appear, only mentioned.
  • The Kraken doesn't die; instead, it is taken by Jack Sparrow at the end.
  • The maelstrom at the final battle doesn't happen.
  • Davy Jones is defeated by having his ship sunk, not by his heart getting stabbed.
  • Other than the enemy ships, the Royal Navy are never fought against and play a minor role.
  • Many movie locations are replaced with originally created ones. For example, Buccaneer Bay possibly acts as a replacement for Tortuga.
  • Davy Jones and his crew attack Port Royal (named as Fort St. Grande in the Play Set) instead of Barbossa and his cursed crew.
  • Jack doesn't have the Black Pearl from the beginning. Instead, the player can customize their ship as such after unlocking different ship parts.


Playable Characters[]

As per all Play Sets, only the characters from the series the Play Set is from can be played in it.

Non-Playable Characters[]

Mission Givers[]



  • Buccaneer Bay
  • Pantano Bayou
  • Fort St. Grande
  • Dead Man's Cove
  • Port Talon
  • Shipwreck Shoals
  • Isla Enoja
  • Citadel Coast
  • Demon's Cape
  • Devil's Bow Island
  • Light Haven

Toy Store Items[]


  • It is the only Play Set in the Starter Pack to have no character with the ability to turn invisible, as Violet from the Incredibles Play Set, and Randy from the Monsters University Play Set both do.
  • The location of Dead Man's Cove featured in the Play Set takes its name from the iconic location present in the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
  • The start of the Play Set greatly resembles the third and main part of the original ride: crossing a town which is under fire by a pirate ship.
  • This is the only Play Set to not feature the protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow in any cutscenes, although Jack does say scripted pieces of dialogue at certain points in the story.
  • Another Pirates Play Set based on the fifth film was planned for 4.0, although it was scrapped along with the game itself.


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  1. It was the only time more than one Play Set Game was included with a single Game Piece.