Costume-PoeDameron-Poe's Resistance Jacket
Poe's Resistance Jacket
IcoN-hex-The Force Awakens IcoN-Edition-3.0
Company Lucasfilm
Franchise Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Model INF-3000217
Disc Type Costume Change
Function Changes Poe Dameron's appearance
Availability Sold in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Power Disc Pack
"Poe is the best man for any Resistance mission in his sturdy flight jacket."

Poe's Resistance Jacket is a Costume Change Disc which, when placed under Poe Dameron on the Disney Infinity Base, changes his appearance to his Resistance jacket from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It may NOT be used in Editions earlier than 3.0.

It also has a unique new ability to give the chance to reflect damage back to an attacking enemy, similar to the "Sorcerer's Shield", "Lightning Shield" and "Ultimate Evil" Power Disc Alchemy Combinations.


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