Pride Rock
Pride Rock
Pride Rock in Disney Infinity 2.0
Name Pride Rock
Franchise The Lion King
Type Set Piece

Pride Rock is a Set Piece in Disney Infinity that originates from The Lion King where it serves as the home of the lions, and the gather place of all the animals in the kingdom. It is unlocked in the Disney Infinity Toy Vault.


In the first Disney Infinity, Pride Rock had the default Fantasy texture. In Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition, it's been give more depth, with the Simba's Pride Lands texture set, as well as a few trees around it.


Pride Rock is a large rock located in the vast Pride Lands, made famous by The Lion King franchise. It is the home to many animals, including Simba, the protagonist of the original film.

Pride Rock is the home of the Lion King and his lionesses, and functions as the seat of power. The pride makes their den in a cavern in one part of the formation. It is shown to be so tall, that one can see the entire Pride Lands from its peak, and vice versa, the formation can be seen from any part of the Pride Lands. Because of this, the area serves as a gathering place for many events, such as the birth of a prince/princess cub.


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