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Ranged Attack Upgrade

A Ranged Attack Upgrade from the Skill Tree.

Ranged Attack is one of the two primary attacks in Disney Infinity, with the other being its opposite, Melee Attack. Ranged Attack allows the player to hurt enemies from a distance, by for example throwing or shooting at them. Some characters like Hulk and Hiro doesn't have a ranged attack, but will instead go towards the enemies, damaging them that way. Ranged attacks usually have several damage increases in the Skill Tree, called Ranged Attack Upgrade and Ultra Ranged Attack Upgrade. Some characters can also be upgraded to shoot faster, or to fire more shots before having to reload.

Some characters have a ranged attack that can be charged, and some can attack with both hands.

Charged Ranged Attack[]

Charged Ranged Attack is a skill introduced in Disney Infinity 2.0. When unlocked from the Skill Tree, the character can charge up their ranged attack before firing. This most of the time results in more damage, but can also contribute to more shots being fired, allowing the attack to ricochet between targets, and more. The charged attack usually have one or more upgrades decreasing the time needed to charge.


A list of characters with charged ranged attack, and the names of the attacks.

Baymax - Robot Recoil

Baymax's charged ranged attack.

Rocket Raccoon - Rock It

Rocket Raccoon's ranged attack.

Dual Ranged Attack[]

Dual Ranged Attack

The dual ranged attack upgrade in the Skill Tree.

Dual Ranged Attack, also known as Double Trouble, is the skill to shoot with both hands. It was introduced in Disney Infinity 2.0, where it should first be unlocked in the Skill Tree. It results in the character shooting with both hands at the same time, or with a slight delay on the left hand. Thus, it deals twice as much damage as a one-hand attack would.


A list of characters with dual ranged attack, and the names of the attacks.

Stitch - 626's Dual Blaster Attack

Stitch's dual ranged attack.