Rapunzel's Tower
Franchise Tangled
Type Set Piece

Rapunzel's Tower is a Set Piece in Disney Infinity that can be placed in the Toy Box. Rapunzel's Tower originates from the movie Tangled, where Mother Gothel uses it to lock up Rapunzel from the outside world. It's unlocked in one of Rapunzel's Character Chests.


Rapunzel's Tower is where Rapunzel has lived for eighteen years with Mother Gothel and her best friend Pascal. Rapunzel's Tower is hidden in a large rock pit by a cave. The cave leads out into the forest with its opening hidden by a curtain of plants. At the base of the tower is an alternate entrance Mother Gothel used to go in and out of the tower before she took Rapunzel and in the years that she was too young to pull her up, with a hidden trapdoor leading up into the main rooms of the Tower. Within the tower and over the years, Rapunzel has painted a series of murals. The tower has several rooms including bedrooms for both Rapunzel and Mother Gothel, a central room which would be the primary location of Rapunzel's gallery, and a staircase leading to an upstairs room. In Disney Infinity, you can climb the hair that hangs out the building to get to the top, but the tower can not be entered.


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