Disney Infinity
Activates other Creativi-Toys at a defined time interval.
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Editor (1.0) Creativi-Toys
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Repeater is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0.

Where to find in the Toy Box Editor:

  • In 1.0, it can be found in the "Creativi-Toys" category while in Build View.
  • In later editions:

It is unlocked with other Intermediate Creativi-Toys upon completion of the "Creativi-Toys Mastery Part 2" Mastery Adventure.

Logic Connections


On (1.0)

to activate another toy when the Repeater is turned On.

Off (1.0)

to activate another toy when the Repeater is turned Off.

Repeat (1.0)

to activate another toy when the Repeat action is performed.


On (1.0)

to turn the Repeater On.

Off (1.0)

to turn the Repeater Off.


  • Every 5 Seconds (1.0)
  • Every 10 Seconds (1.0)
  • Every 30 Seconds (1.0)
  • Every 60 Seconds (1.0)

These determine how often the Repeat action should be performed.


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