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Skydome-Infinity-Retro Video Game Sky
Retro Video Game Sky
Disney Infinity
Go retro when you add this 8-bit sky to your Toy Box.
HexIcoN-ToyBox-1.0 IcoN-Edition-1.0
Type Skydome
Texture Set Retro Video Game Texture Set
Cost 250 Sparks

Retro Video Game Sky is a Customization which allows the player to change the Skydome in the Toy Box.


It is unlocked from the Disney Infinity Vault in Disney Infinity 1.0 as a Lucky Toy, awarded randomly when the spinner lands on a toy with a yellow background.

The Skydome is set in a location that looks like an old video game. It features buildings, mountains, a lake, clouds, and a number of trees, all of which are made of abnormally large pixels.

Disney Infinity 2.0[]

It can be accessed for use in the Toy Box of Disney Infinity 2.0 with the use of the Toy Box Logic Builder. When he links a Creativi-Toy to a Sky Changer, the Skydome may appear when triggered. The Disney Infinity YouTube account later confirmed in a reply to someone's comment on the 71st Toy Box TV episode that the theme was left out of the game.

Disney Infinity 3.0[]

The Skydome is available for use in the Toy Box of Disney Infinity 3.0.


  • While the style may similar to Fix-It Felix's Sky, there is no mention in any edition of Disney Infinity that this is associated with the Wreck-It Ralph franchise.