IcoN-hex-The Force Awakens IcoN-Edition-3.0
Franchise Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Model INF-1000233
Costume Rey Costume
Voiced by Daisy Ridley[1]
Combat Ranged
Special Move Staff Deflection
Icon-ability-Marksman Icon-ability-SuperJumper Icon-ability-TechSpecialist
"Resourceful and capable, a true survivor that aids the Resistance."
--Hall of Heroes statue inscription

Rey is a character from the Lucasfilm Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. She may be used in:

She was officially revealed to be playable at D23 2015 along with Finn. She is Force-sensitive. Rey is also a Crossover Character, and can be used in any of the Star Wars play sets, once her Champion Coin has been collected in that set.



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  • Hello, there. I'm Rey. You ready to get this started?
  • Okay, enough standing around.
  • Let me think about this for a moment.


  • Even though Rey is Force-sensitive in "The Force Awakens" she displays no force abilities in her Skill Tree or uses a lightsaber in her attacks like she did in the film (although she can be equipped with the lightsaber that is earned from any Star Wars playset), this also makes her the first ever and only Force-sensitive user to not use a lightsaber in combat. The likely reason behind this move was to not spoil her reveal in the climatic fight to users who bought the figure.
  • Vince Bracken, the game director of "The Force Awakens" Playset, said that Rey's attacks are one of his favorites.[citation needed]


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