Sam Flynn
Fearless User armed with an Identity Disc and Light Cycle.
HexIcoN-ToyBox-3.0 IcoN-Edition-3.0
Model INF-1000150
Costume Sam Flynn Costume
Voiced by Ross Thomas
Carlos Vazquez[1]
Combat Ranged
Icon-ability-Marksman Icon-ability-SuperJumper Icon-ability-TechSpecialist

Sam Flynn is a character from the Walt Disney Pictures TRON: Legacy. She may be used in:

He was originally exclusive to the iOS and PC versions of the game, and was revealed to be playable when a glitch in a player's Hall of Heroes showed both his and Quorra's statues.[2] His identity was confirmed when an update for the PC edition of Disney Infinity 2.0 added their statues to the Hall of Heroes.[3]

In Disney Infinity 3.0, a physical character figure was released, making him a playable character on all platforms.


Sam's melee attacks involve a lot of spinning punches and kicks. He uses the Identity Disc for his ranged attack. He also has the ability to summon a Light Cycle from under him to drive into enemies and take them down. His dodge causes him to spin sideways. His special move is called "Son of Flynn", and causes a digital energy field to surround him and eliminate enemies from all sides of him.


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  • Is this... The Grid?
  • C'mon, Sam, do something.
  • What would my dad do if he was here?


  • Sam is the first playable character in the Disney Infinity games to not have his own costume in the game edition he debuts in. This is likely because the developers believed that the TRON Costume looked so similar to Sam that a Sam Flynn Costume would be redundant. However, as of Disney Infinity 3.0, he does have a Sam Flynn Costume, which is unlocked upon taking ownership of his figure. [4]
  • Despite being released as a 3.0 character and is identified as part of 3.0 in-game, Sam has the same 2.0 mechanics (like improved melee combos) while lacking the mid-air combos like most of the 3.0 characters who have them (sans the Inside Out cast). This was due to the fact that he was released as part of 2.0 for iOS and PC, while fellow member Quorra has the same distinction.
  • The physical character figure model numbers of both Sam and Quorra are within the range of physical character figures released for Disney Infinity 2.0, despite the 3.0 branding on the retail package. This is likely due to their earlier release on iOS and PC. Their statues appear in the 3.0 section of the Hall of Heroes.


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