San Fransokyo Skies
San Fransokyo Skies
Franchise Big Hero 6
Type Skydome
Cost 500 Sparks

The San Fransokyo Skies is a Skydome in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition that originates from the Disney film, Big Hero 6. It's purchased in the Toy Store, under San Fransokyo Set. Its Texture Set counterpart is The Sights of San Fransokyo.

Although the discs are unlocked from the toy store, they were originally supposed to be Power Discs. On November 9, 2014, a user on Instagram posted a pair of pictures of what he supposedly found in his Disney Infinity 2.0 Hall of Super Heroes on the Xbox 360: power disc unlock slots for the disc and its Texture Set counterpart, The Sights of San Fransokyo. When other users tried to make the discs appear, they could not. However, Jason from Infinity Inquirer has said that the data for the two power discs is inside the game, meaning the images are not fake. The discs probably appeared in the hall via a glitch.[1] This could have been intended to be used in a Big Hero 6 Toy Box Pack with Hiro and Baymax, though this is unconfirmed.

On episode 42 of Toy Box TV, during the "Toy Box 2.0 Edge" segment, the builder of the toy box stated that he had used the "Sights of San Fransokyo hex disc" and the "San Fransokyo Skies hex disc" to build it.[2] This indicates that prototype versions of the power discs may have been made, and may have indeed been used by the toy box's creator.


This Skydome is set at night above the sea outside of San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6. It features various flying turbines, the San Fransokyo Bridge, another bridge, the city with skyscrapers and neon light, and the mysterious island that was Yokai's hideout in the movie.


  • Under the My Infinity Collection category, under the hexagonal 2.0 Disney power discs, it says that this is obtained by a Power Disc. However that isn't the case, since it's purchased in the Toy Store.


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