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Scrooge's Top Hat
Type Ability Disc
Franchise DuckTales
Game(s) Disney Infinity 2.0
Function Increases currency earned by player
Availability Available only from the Power Disc store on the digital version of the game for $4.99

Scrooge's Top Hat is a Power Disc in the mobile version of Disney Infinity 2.0. It increases the amount of currency earned by the player. It is based on the show DuckTales. It was purchased from the Power Disc unlock screen for $4.99.


Earn more blue sparks when you wear Scrooge's Top Hat. He always said, "Work smarter, not harder."


  • Although this disc is an Ability disc, it is hexagonally shaped rather than round, and is purchased from the hex discs section of the disc store. It is the only hexagonal ability disc in the game.
  • Of the six digital exclusive power discs in Disney Infinity 2.0, this is the only one that costs real money to unlock rather than Sparks.


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