Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin
Franchise Ducktales
Type Set Piece

Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin is a Set Piece in Disney Infinity 1.0 that can be placed in the Toy Box. It opens up to reveal that it is filled with gold. It is represented as a large placeable Set Piece. The front has a small door overflowing with money that can not be entered by a character. Stepping on the money causes an animation of coins being displaced by the character's feet. To the immediate right of the door is a functional button that opens the top dome of the Money Bin allowing the player to enter the inside of the bin (the player must build a method of climbing to the top dome as it does not include any way to climb it by default). The inside contains a pool of money that displays the same coin displacement animation as the outer door as well as an additional button for opening/closing the dome and a rope for climbing out of the interior.


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