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Sparks are used to reward characters during game play. They can be obtained by completing Game missions, defeating Enemies, or by opening Spark Capsules.


In Disney Infinity 1.0, all Sparks are the same bluish-white color and are the method by which characters gain experience.

In Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, separate colors are used for the following:

  • Icon-capsule-spark-blue
    Blue Sparks are used as part of the in-game economy to purchase Toys from the Toy Store.
  • Icon-capsule-spark-orange
    Orange Sparks are used to increase a character's experience level.
  • Icon-capsule-spark-green
    Green Sparks are used to heal characters.
  • Icon-capsule-spark-purple
    Purple Sparks are used to fill the character's Special Move meter.

Additionally in Disney Infinity 3.0:

  • When opening a surprise Gift in the Toy Box Hub, if the Toy to be awarded has already been unlocked in the Toy Store, blue Sparks are awarded instead.
  • When Farming, harvesting Flowers and Weeds will award blue Sparks.

Power Discs[]

Some Ability Discs affect Sparks, either by granting a chance for increased Sparks, or increasing the pick-up radius. It is possible to use one of each type at the same time to help a character earn more experience.


There are a number of ways to generate additional sparks in the Toy Box. One way is through Farming (planting seeds and harvesting Flowers or Weeds); however, this is only available in the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. Another is to build a "Spark generator" by placing and connecting a number of Toys in such a way to continually generate and automatically defeat Enemies. Larger/stronger Enemies that are normally harder to defeat (e.g. the Tank Omnidroid) typically produce more Sparks than smaller/weaker ones.