The Good Dinosaur
As Arlo's feral companion, Spot can help in a fight or sniff anything out. He's a dinosaur's best friend!
HexIcoN-ToyBox-3.0.png IcoN-Edition-3.0.png
Model INF-1000235
Costume Spot Costume
Voiced by Jack Bright[1]
Combat Brawler
Special Move Wild Thing
Icon-ability-MaximumStrength.png Icon-ability-SuperJumper.png

Spot is a character from the The Good Dinosaur. He may be used in:

He was first announced as a leak, and later confirmed at the 2015 D23 Expo along with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. He was released on November 3rd, 2015. [2]


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Initial work on Spot was begun back in 2013, when The Good Dinosaur was still under Bob Peterson's direction. Spot's design was different at the time and had less hair; this early design is reflected in some of Spot's concept art.[3]


  • Spot does not have any actual dialog in Disney Infinity (neither did he in The Good Dinosaur).
  • Spot is the only deuteragonist playable where the protagonist (Arlo) is not playable (Tinker Bell doesn't count as she is representing the Disney Fairies franchise, not Peter Pan}).


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