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  • And I'm back!
  • Bring on the bad guys!
  • Got ya!
  • Hello! I'm Star-Lord... Don't tell me you haven't heard of me.
  • Hey! Don't do that to my face!
  • Hey! I happen to need that part of my body!
  • Hey. Peter Quill. But you can call me Star-Lord.
  • I'm like a tiger on fire with rocket power!
  • Loserville, population: you.
  • Oh yeah! I'm on fire!
  • Oooh, looks like I dinged you up on that one.
  • See? I told you I'm dangerous!
  • Star-Lord! Take two.
  • Ugh. That was weird.
  • This feels awesome!
  • (panting) Welcome back, Star-Lord!
  • Who thought they could keep me down?
  • Yeah, this looks pretty good on me.