Stormtrooper Short Ranged
Star Wars:
Rise Against the Empire
HexIcoN-game-Rise Against the Empire IcoN-Edition-3.0

Stormtrooper Short Ranged (aka Scout Trooper) is an Enemy from Lucasfilm's Star Wars, first introduced and only appearing in Disney Infinity 3.0 in the Star Wars: Rise Against the Empire Play Set.

How to obtain:

In the play set, they can be purchased from K-3PO after defeating one on the Forest Moon of Endor for the first time.


  • Despite being called Scout Troopers in the play set, they are only called "Stormtrooper Short Ranged" in the Toy Box.
  • In promotional images released for the play set, they are seen riding Speeder Bikes, which they are unable to do in the game.


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