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Sugar Rush: TBG
Toy Box Sugar Rush: TBG
Creator Sparks81677/Romulus77
Challenge None
Place None

Sugar Rush: The Board Game was a featured toy box created by Sparks81677. It was featured on 11/27/14 during the period where the deadline to enter the Gravity Falls Challenge was being extended to give creators more time to build a toy box, and thus was not a part of any challenge.[1]


Play Sugar Rush: The Board Game. Enjoy this homage to a classic game Sugar Rush style. 2 players only.


  • This was one of five non-challenge themed toy boxes featured this week, the others being A Frozen WorldPixie Hollow HuntGrootball, and Wonderland.
  • This toy box, along with the other toy boxes featured along with it this week, was one of the first user generated featured toy boxes from Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition to not be created for a specific challenge.
  • While Toy Box TV refres to the creator of this toy box as SPARKS81677, the official site for the game calls him Romulus77.[1][2]
  • Also, Toy Box TV spells out the full name of the toy box ("The Board Game"), while the game's site abbreviates the name. (TBG)[1][2]