Super Jump

The Super Jump as seen in a Skill Tree.

Super Jump is an ability introduced in Disney Infinity 2.0. It gives the character the ability to jump higher and longer than normal. A Super Jump is made by holding down the 'jump' button.

Super Jumps vary in height and distance. Rocket Raccoon, for instance, is only able to jump the height of three blocks, while Captain America can jump the equivalent of four.

Super Jumps are often unlocked in the Skill Tree, and can also usually be upgraded to be higher and longer.

For a list of all characters with this ability, see the Super Jumpers category.


  • Hulk has the highest Super Jump out of any playable character in the game (he also travels the fastest and furthest, despite only having 2 tiers of super-jump in his skill tree), the closest highest being Judy Hopps and Ant-Man (character) (who can both be upgraded to have 3 tiers of super-jumps) with the runner-ups being Mr. Incredible and Wreck-It Ralph (who are both tied for having the highest super jumps out of the 1.0 cast).
  • Mickey and Minnie's super jumps were revealed in Coinoptv on YouTube.
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