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Syndrome's Volcano
The Incredibles
Climb platforms and avoid the lava flow in this volcano escape!
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Syndrome's Volcano is only available in Disney Infinity 3.0.

Where to find in the Toy Box Editor:

It can be unlocked in the Toy Box Takeover Toy Box Expansion Game, and was initially confirmed by GameInformer magazine.

It is highly interactive, and has a number of unique features that are unlike any other Set Pieces:

  • The lava is actually hazardous to characters; touching it will instantly defeat the character, as if they had just touched a Kill Switch. However, the small eruptions do not appear do be hazardous, but rather just visual effects.
  • It has an "IN" button near the summit. Pressing this will cause the lava to recede almost instantly, allowing the character to descend into the cone.
  • The lava level will remain low until a character descends and touches the floor, at which point the level level will begin to slowly rise after a few seconds delay - presumably to give the character a chance to climb out.
  • There are four "stepping stones" that normally float on the surface of the lava when the level is high. These disappear when the lava descends, and then reappear after the level has risen again.
  • While inside the cone, the camera will switch to a side view, as if a Side-Step Camera was in use. This camera angle remains in effect as long as the character remains in the cone.
  • Most objects cannot be placed directly inside the cone; however, it is possible to place a Locator to be used as a spawn point, and a Trigger Area to trigger another toy to spawn something inside the cone. When doing so, it is recommended to connect any such Creativi-Toys outside the volcano first, and then move them to the desired location. Any incorrectly placed items can still be moved while in Spark Mode.
  • Note: Spawning an NPC such as a Monstrous Citizen inside the cone will not trigger the lava to rise.


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