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The Hoarder
The Incredibles
The Hoarder lives to collect and trap. Don't stand too close or you may get boxed in!
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Voiced by Christopher Swindle

The Hoarder is a Townsperson from Pixar's The Incredibles, first appearing in Disney Infinity 1.0.

How to obtain:

At the start of the Incredibles Play Set, The Hoarder was one of three villains captured and imprisoned by the Incredibles (the other two being Baron Von Ruthless and Snoring Gloria) when Syndrome flew in and released them all. The Hoarder then began his evil plan to capture citizens of Metroville and imprison them in his Collector Traps. He places several traps around the docks, but is soon arrested after the player breaks them open. From that point on, he can be seen in his cell inside the HQ Research Station. In addition to the first set of traps on the docks, The Hoarder left thirty other traps around Metroville, which the player can find and destroy. Five of the boxes contain the superheroes Gazerbeam, Dynaguy, Thunderhead, Apogee, and Plasmabolt, who, upon being freed, are available to help you fight Omnidroids if you activate them in your superhero HQ.


  • His name is most likely a parody of the Marvel supervillain, "The Collector."
  • Like his fellow villain Snoring Gloria, The Hoarder never appeared or was mentioned in the movie.


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