HEX 122 The Kings Domain-M
The King's Domain
Franchise The Lion King
Type Customization (Skydome) Disc

The King's Domain is a Customization Power Disc from Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition based on Simba's home in The Lion King. It gives your Toy Box a The Lion King themed Skydome. Its Texture Set counterpart is Simba's Pride Lands. The Skydome adds the song, "Circle of Life" to the background. The Power Disc itself has Simba on it in front of Pride Rock.


Your Toy Box skies will look like the skies of the savannah from the movie The Lion King!


This Skydome is set over the Pride Lands from The Lion King. It features Pride Rock, Rafiki's tree, Timon and Pumbaa's jungle, and the Elephant Graveyard.


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