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Brave Sky
The Scottish Highlands
Franchise Brave
Type Skydome

The Scottish Highlands is a Skydome based on Brave. It is used in the Brave Forest Siege Toy Box Game in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition. Its Texture Set counterpart is World o' the Wisps. This Skydome was not made available to players in 2.0 (except via a glitch, see Trivia below), but it was made available in 3.0.


Customize your toybox with a Brave-themed sky.

Purchase this toy from the Toy Store or unlock it with the Toy Box Expansion piece.


This Skydome features the highlands from Brave, with wisps appearing and disappearing around the landscape. The DunBroch Castle is also seen. There is water at the bottom of the Skydome, and it seems to be shrouded in fog. There is dark clouds drifting by at the top of the Sky. Even though there is no visible light source in the Skydome, there is an inflow of light from a low angle in the Toy Box. The light is not very bright either.


  • In Disney Infinity 2.0, even though the World o' the Wisps Texture Set is available for purchase in the Toy Store, this Skydome is not. It can, however, still be used if the Toy Box Logic Builder makes a Sky Changer, and makes a Logic Connection to use the Sky.