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  • A foolhardy move indeed!
  • A poor battle you have chosen!
  • Again you summon Thor? Lead on!
  • Ah! Is this your doing, Heimdall?
  • Back to whatever depths you crawled from!
  • (laughs) Excellent!
  • Fear not! The mighty Thor has arrived!
  • I am ready to battle!
  • I am renewed!
  • I feel I have just feasted!
  • I have returned, it seems!
  • I've a gift for you!
  • Make acquaintance with my hammer!
  • Mjolnir returns for more!
  • Mjolnir wishes to meet you!
  • No foe can hinder me now.
  • Ready for battle, once again!
  • The Bifrost has hastened my return, and I am ever grateful.
  • The fates have smiled upon us, my friend. Our mighty partnership will vanquish any foe!
  • You bring this upon yourself!
  • You have chosen to fight the wrong god!
  • You won't taste victory this night!