TP Launcher
Toilet Paper Launcher
Franchise Monsters University
Type Weapon (Tool)
Unlock The Toy Store in the Monsters University Play Set.
Cost 350 Tokens

The Toilet Paper Launcher is a tool used as a weapon in Disney Infinity. You can buy this tool in the Toy store in the Monsters University Play Set. The weapon can be used to shoot toilet paper rolls and cover objects, like trees, around the Play Set. It originates from the Pixar film Monsters University, but does not appear in the movie itself. It costs 350 MU Tokens in the play set.


  • Disney held a poll asking fans which gadget from the game they would like to see in real life. Fans chose the TPL against the Hoverboard in round 1 and the Lightyear Jet in round 2.[1][2]


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