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  • Bad men, never win!
  • Best to know who is watching!
  • Evil spirits must be stopped.
  • Greetings. Your return today was much hoped for.
  • He must be stopped.
  • Hello, kimosabe. I am Tonto.
  • Hmmm... good!
  • I am very pleased.
  • I appear again... like the moon.
  • I have learned my lesson. I will not do that again.
  • It is your fate.
  • Now you will not forget me!
  • Oh, it worked!
  • My work here is done.
  • Oooh... that was a difficult shot.
  • The Earth will sleep well tonight.
  • This time, I will be ready.
  • Why do you not defend yourself?
  • Why would he care about Colby? Colby small; Colby insignificant.
  • Work here is done.
  • You are an easy target!
  • You should be more vigilant!