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Are you looking for Toy Box Launch (2.0), aka Introduction to the Toy Box?

Learn the basics of the Toy Box including the Toy Vault, Tools and Packs, and more here at the home world of Disney Infinity.

The Toy Box Launch is an area in Disney Infinity 1.0 that players are placed after completing the introduction, and may be edited and saved.


Disney Infinity Hub[]

When the Toy Box Launch is first accessed, the character will appear standing on the Disney Infinity Hub. It is a Basic Toy that may be placed in any Toy Box, although the one in the Toy Box Launch may not be removed.


The Toy Box Launch is centered around the Cinderella's Castle Set Piece. While exploring it, the player will discover a number of Capsules.


Several green Prize Capsules can be found scattered throughout the Toy Box Launch. Many of them are on floating islands separated from the main island, and can be accessed by using a Flying Vehicle, placing Terrain, or using Spark Mode in the Toy Box Editor to get to them. The capsules found here contain Sparks, Spins for the Disney Infinity Vault, and other Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds. There are ten Spin Capsules located throughout the Toy Box Launch.


An Enemy Creator can be found behind the castle, which will occasionally activate on its own and begin spawning Enemies. It is a great way to level up characters, due to the experience gained from defeating Enemies, as well as the amount of Sparks available through other sources (breakable decorations, Spark capsules, etc.).

There are also a few random Enemies initially wandering around the terrain. As these were not spawned by an Enemy Creator, turning it off will not remove them.

Other Features[]

While facing the front of the castle, there is a beam of light on each of the left and right sides.

  • Heading to the left will lead to a Toy Box Blaster. Collecting it unlocks it for use in the Toy Box, as well as Adventures.
  • Heading to the right will lead to an Autopia Car. When the player hops in, a race track will appear around a small mountain.

Character Chests will occasionally appear here as well, if the player spends enough time exploring the Toy Box Launch.


The Toy Box Launch is known to have issues, as the Enemy Creator may disappear after the first visit, causing issues with enemy spawning.

Note: There is currently no known non-destructive way of resetting the Toy Box Launch to its original unedited state, other than removing all game data from the console (which also removes all game progress).

However, it is possible to save more than one version of the Toy Box Launch. Players may wish to consider saving the original, unmodified Toy Box Launch and make their modifications in a different save.