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Toy Box Narrator
Franchise Disney Infinity
Voice by Yuri Lowenthal[1]

Icon-quote "Every great idea begins with a spark of imagination."
Toy Box Narrator, Introduction to Disney Infinity

The Toy Box Narrator, also known as the Narrator, is the narrator of the Disney Infinity games. He narrates all tutorials in the games, telling the player how to use the game's features. He also narrates the introduction to each Edition, every game introduction, and all of the Mastery Adventures. He is never seen in the games, and exists only as a voice. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.


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  • Over time, with care and a sense of adventure, it begins to grow, until it's so bright that it can't be contained, and imagination becomes reality." —Introduction to Disney Infinity
  • "Here it is, the Disney Infinity Base! This is the treasure... the gateway to worlds untold, with limitless possibilities, all created by you!" —Disney Treasure Hunt
  • "Welcome to the Toy Box, a world where all decisions are yours to make and the possibilities are truly infinite. Here you can play and explore, build or destroy, fight a battle, win race, or anything else you can imagine. What you do in the Toy Box is entirely up to you!" —Introduction to the Toy Box