Toy Box Packs are packs of toys which are usually native to a certain franchise and can only be used in the Toy Box; they are sold for $29.99. They each include two Power Discs - usually one for the Skydome and the other for the terrain theme - and two Figures. Four were released for Disney INFINITY, while only one (the Aladdin Toy Box Pack) was released for Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition.

List of Packs

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Infinity 3.0

There are currently no toy box packs announced for Disney Infinity 3.0.



Although sales of the toy box packs were not great, the packs recieved fairly good reviews.


Toy Pack Release Dates
US Europe
Phineas & Ferb Toy Box Pack April 1, 2014 April 4, 2014
Frozen Toy Box Pack November 26, 2013 March 14, 2014
Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Pack April 1, 2014 February 24, 2014
Aladdin Toy Box Pack February 3, 2015 March 6, 2015


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