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"If you can dream it... you can do it!"
--John Vignocchi and Allison Petrek, at the end of each episode of Toy Box TV

Toy Box TV was a weekly webcast hosted by John Vignocchi and Allison Petrek.[1]


Each episode revealed the Featured Toy Box Winners. Then Allison and John asked a Trivia question, and they show something cool. Then there is the Social Media Spotlight, and last but not least, there is a Tutorial from somebody who works at Avalanche. The latter two were later switched around the time of the release of Disney Infinity 2.0 along with the Toy Box 2.0 Edge added. For 2015, Community Talks were added, where the hosts ask the viewers a question to hear about their opinions. Toy Box Tales was added in the 62nd episode, where there is a Toy Box to download each week. Starting from the release of Disney Infinity 3.0, the tips and tricks have separate videos released on Wednesdays, while the normal episodes are usually uploaded on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays, with videos of the Top 5 Toy Boxes being uploaded on Thursdays.


  1. Disney Parks Challenge
  2. Winter Sports Challenge
  3. Valentines Day Challenge
  4. Ultimate Battle Arena Challenge
  5. Aladdin Challenge
  6. Underwater Challenge
  7. Arcade Game Challenge
  8. Muppets Challenge
  9. Monstrous Pranks Challenge
  10. TRON Toy Box Challenge
  11. Disney Princess Toy Box Challenge
  12. Egg Hunt Challenge
  13. Alice in Wonderland Challenge
  14. Disney Parks Challenge
  15. Air Race Challenge
  16. Phineas and Ferb Challenge
  17. Frozen Challenge
  18. Black Widow Preview
  19. Captain America Sneak Peek
  20. Hulk Spotlight
  21. E3 Edition
  22. Introducing Spider-Man
  23. Meet Maleficent
  24. Merida Sneak Peek
  25. Tinker Bell Sneak Peek
  26. Nick Fury Sneak Peek
  27. Comic-Con Special Edition
  28. Olaf's In Summer Special
  29. Stitch Sneak Peek
  30. Toy Box Summit Special Edition
  31. Nova Sneak Peek
  32. Starter Pack Unboxing Edition!
  33. Aladdin Sneak Peek
  34. Falcon Sneak Peek
  35. Season 2 Premiere!
  36. Rocket Raccoon Inside Look
  37. Groot Inside Look
  38. Gamora Sneak Peek
  39. Guardians of the Galaxy Winners
  40. Haunted Mansion Winners
  41. Disney Originals Sneak Peek
  42. Big Hero 6 Sneak Peek
  43. Fantasia Winners
  44. Jasmine Sneak Peek
  45. Big Hero 6 Winners
  46. Gravity Falls Winners
  47. Disney Parks 2.0 Winners
  48. Holiday Edition
  49. End of Year Toy Box Awards
  50. Pick a Power Disc Winners
  51. Battle Race Winners
  52. Stitch Challenge Winners
  53. Marvel Villains Winners
  54. Lion King Winners
  55. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Winners
  56. Multiplayer Showdown Winners
  57. Aladdin Winners
  58. Cinderella Winners
  59. Fantasyland Winners
  60. Loki and Falcon Unboxing
  61. Let's Play Falcon and Loki
  62. April Fools Prank/Bonus Clip
  63. Disneyland Toy Box Project Phase Two
  64. Toy Box Tales Let's Play
  65. Epic Stunt Toy Boxes
  66. Free Darkwing Duck Toy Boxes
  67. Disney Infinity 3.0 Announced
  68. Mickey and Minnie Sneak Peek
  69. Celebrate Disneyland
  70. Inside Out Sneak Peek
  71. Star Wars Play Sets Sneak Peek
  72. Star Wars Rebels Reveal
  73. Boba Fett Sneak Peek
  74. Disney Infinity 3.0 Goes to E3 2015
  75. More Disney Infinity 3.0 at E3
  76. Toy Box Speedway Sneak Peek
  77. On Location: San Diego Comic-Con
  78. Player's Pick 2015
  79. 3.0 Power Discs Sneak Peek
  80. 3.0 Starter Pack Unboxing
  81. Inside Out Play Set Unboxing
  82. On Location: Toy Box Summit 2015
  83. Launch Into Disney Infinity 3.0
  84. Olaf's Chilling Challenge
  85. New Toy Boxes: Mickey and Squid Wars
  86. Star Wars Rebels Spy, Sabine and James Arnold Taylor
  87. Star Wars Impressions at Disneyland
  88. New Toy Box: Ezra's Spark of Rebellion
  89. Captain America - The First Avenger Sneak Peek
  90. Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Sneak Peek
  91. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set Sneak Peek
  92. Halloween Special
  93. Marvel's Ultron & Hulkbuster Figure's Spotlight
  94. Star Wars Spotlight: Darth Maul
  95. Meet The Good Dinosaur Cast
  96. Aboard the Disney Dream
  97. Star Wars Spotlight: Kanan Jarrus
  98. Poe Dameron & Kylo Ren Sneak Peek
  99. Star Wars Spotlight: Ahsoka Tano
  100. Toy Box TV Crashes a Fan's Living Room!
  101. End of the Year Community Awards!
  102. Disney Infinity Goes To PlayStation Experience
  103. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey Figure Spotlight
  104. Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Preview
  105. 5 Must-Sees from the Disney Infinity Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set
  106. Inside Out Sadness Character Spotlight
  107. Chance to Win Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Marvel Prizes
  108. Bringing Zootopia To Disney Infinity
  109. Zootopia Red Carpet Premiere
  110. Disney Infinity Next & Zootopia Fan Event Goes Nationwide
  111. Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Launch
  112. Meet the Cast of Zootopia
  113. Star Wars Rebels Cast Talks Disney Infinity
  114. Star Wars Winners + Baby Announcement!
  115. Jungle Book Red Carpet
  116. Marvel Spotlight: Ant-Man
  117. Advice for Aspiring Game Designers


  • The most watched episode of Toy Box TV is Episode 70, the Inside Out Play Set Sneak Peek, with over 207,500.[citation needed]


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  1. John's role taken over in the 40th, 41st and 42nd episodes by Patrick Efird, absent in the 53rd episode due to having a meeting with Marvel team members in New York City at the time of the January 2015 nor'easter, along with the 76th episode due to being at San Diego Comic-Con International, and replaced by Justin Asilo in the 85th episode due to being ill, but again taken over by Justin for the 90th episode.