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Toys"R"Us is a toy store chain founded in 1948. It closed in 2018, and subsequently re-opened in 2019. The stores offered a number of items for Disney Infinity, many of which were exclusive to their stores, such as the Crystal Figures, some exclusive Power Discs, and exclusive accessories.

List of exclusives

Note that this list only contains officially confirmed exclusives.
Picture Name Description Type of accessory
RareMikesNewCar Mike's New Car Unlocks Mike's New Car for use. Power Disc
Ability-Tron-User Control User Control In game character gains 10% experience. Power Disc
Ability-ToyStory-Emperor Zurg's Wrath Emperor Zurg's Wrath In game character gains 15% more melee damage. Power Disc
Exclusive capsule from TRU Power Disc Capsule Contains more space for Toys "R" Us exclusives. Storage
PTRU1-16115637 alternate1 enh-z6 Power Disc Album 10 more slots for Toys "R" Us exclusive. Storage
Playzonetruexclusiveversion Play Zone Adjusted from original for exclusive figures and Power Discs. Storage
Crystal-lightningjpg Lightning McQueen

Crystal Figure

Unlocks the Crystal version of Lightning McQueen for use. Figure
PTRUCA1-17022609dt Mr. Incredible

Crystal Figure

Unlocks the Crystal version of Mr. Incredible for use. Figure
PTRUCA1-17022607dt Sulley Crystal Figure Unlocks the Crystal version of Sulley for use. Figure
PTRUCA1-17022608dt Race to Space Pack of Crystal Lightning McQueen and Crystal Buzz Lightyear, along with 2 exclusive Power Discs. Figure, Power Disc
Ezra Bridger Ezra Bridger Timed exclusive for 3.0 Figure


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