aka The Boxinator.

  • I live in St. Canard.
  • My occupation is being a Cereal Box Head.
  • I am the terror that flaps in the night.
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Franchise Disney World

The name is Head. CerealBox Head.

I'm an admin here, as you can probably see. So that's cool.

I'm also a musician and stuff. So that's cool, too.

But seriously, My goal here is first to be as friendly as possible to everyone who comes here (except trolls; they're lame), and secondly to assist in creating the greatest online Disney Infinity resource ever. If there's anything you need, just drop me a line over on my message wall and I'll try to respond as soon as I can. :)

"With great power comes great......Well, you know."

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WiiU This user plays Disney Infinity on Wii U.
Big Hero 6 This user loves to fight crime with the toys and characters from Big Hero 6.
Frozen (2013 film) poster This user wants to build a snowman with the toys and characters from Frozen.
Spiderman Comics This user knows that with great power comes great responsibility when they use the toys and characters from Spider-Man.
The Avengers This user loves to assemble with the toys and characters from Marvel's The Avengers.
Wreckitralphposter This user loves to win medals with the toys and characters from Wreck-It Ralph.
Star Wars Logo This user is a fan of the Star Wars movies.


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