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Xbox Ambassador and Wiki Guardian of the now "archived" Disney Infinity Wiki on Gamepedia

Currently (if my last audit was correct) have the entirety of Disney Infinity for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with the following exceptions:

  • only kept the Light FX version of those seven Star Wars figures
  • 3000### King Mickey (not paying $$$$ for a power disc lol)
  • 3000016 User Control (only kept 1 of 2 variants)
  • 4000021 Hangin' Ten with Stitch Surfboard (only kept 1 of 2 variants)
  • 4000023 Mike's New Car (only kept 1 of 2 variants)

Current XBL achievement status:

  • XB360 (missing several tied to DI servers):
    • DI1.0 = 100% \o/
    • DI2.0 = 62%
    • DI3.0 = 61%
  • Xbone:
    • DI2.0 = 100% \o/
    • DI3.0 = 100% \o/

Current experience bonus in Disney Infinity 3.0 for Xbox One: 439.5% \o/
(obtained multiple of some items while collecting; scanned into game before re-homing)

For more/other information, see my Fandom Community Central profile.

UNSC Jon 117 (talk) 10:29, 6 May 2022 (UTC)

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