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Preview-character-Violet's Stealth Mission
Violet's Stealth Mission Icon-1.0-multi  
Avoid Omnidroids and spotlights in Syndrome's maze! Find as many collectibles as you can.
Type Character
Genre Exploration
Character Violet
Players Multi
Cars? No
Medal-1.0-Bronze Bronze 5 collectibles
Medal-1.0-Silver Silver 15 collectibles
Medal-1.0-Gold Gold 25 collectibles

Violet's Stealth Mission is Violet's multi player Character Adventure in Disney Infinity 1.0. Characters from Cars cannot be used in this Adventure.

The objective is to collect as many collectibles as you can without being touched by the spotlight beams shining on the ground.

This Adventure is on the PC Gold Edition.


  • Along with the spotlights, there is also a special Omnidroid used in this adventure. It will not attack, but instead simply roams around searching for Violet. It has a spotlight on its head which shines in front of it. This Omnidroid is not available in the Toy Box.