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Axiom Hover Chair
WALL-E Hoverchair
Franchise WALL-E
Type Ground Vehicle

"Stay mobile while remaining immobile with this lounging hover chair from WALL-E."

The WALL-E Hoverchair is a Ground Vehicle in Disney Infinity 3.0.

Whenever a character sits in the chair, a holographic screen will show up in front of them. Also, the character will be bloated, simulating how the humans in WALL-E were all chubby and obese. When driven, a blue line will appear behind the vehicle. The Hoverchair's default weapon is throwing a milkshake in front of the car that causes foes to become cold.


  • Unlike the Glow Urchin introduced in 1.0, which bloats a character at the waist or head (depending on gender or body type, or variants), the Wall-E Hover chair will always bloat a character at their waist regardless if they had head expansion via the Urchins.
    • However in the beta version of 3.0 the Wall-E hover chair had the exact same mechanic as the Urchins in-game (this is seen on the Mickey pic in the intro page where his head bloats instead of his waist), it was changed to being true to the chair's description in the final version of the game (although ironically in WALL-E, the chair wasn't the cause for the humans becoming obese, it was the anti-gravity effect from the Axiom ship that caused their obesity, the Wall-E Hover chair only intensified it by making said humans very lazy via the holographic screen).
  • Certain large bulky characters (such as Wreck-It Ralph, Baymax, and Sulley) are almost impossible to see their bloated looks due to their already large size in-game along with their hands blocking their waist when they drive (unless zoomed in via 2-player mode).
  • Due to it's effects being similar to the after-mentioned Glow Urchin (only slightly different), it's the only mount in-game to not have it's effect removed by other effects even as the character slowly deflates to normal (such as the after-mentioned Glow Urchin) the only way to remove the chair's bloat effect is by swapping characters while still in the chair.
    • It's the only ground mount in-game that characters can't drive while under the invisibility effect or any other effect in general, as the bloat effect from the chair will cancel it out completely until the character exits the chair (unless the character is from Marvel or Star Wars where normal effects can still take place due to the chair not working on them, this even includes the Glow Urchin).
    • However if characters are equipped with the Invisibility Device and drives the chair in 2-player mode, the character will be invisible like normal (however they will still bloat like normal on that player's screen).