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Wonderland Maze
Creator YouTube user iHasCupquake

Wonderland Maze was a Featured Toy Box created by YouTube user iHasCupquake. It was not part of any specific challenge. It was featured at Disney Infinity's launch, 8/18/13. It is a maze themed to Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

Toy Box Description

"Fall down the rabbit hole and fight your way through this Alice in Wonderland maze. Obstacles and enemies at every turn! Created by iHasCupquake"


  • This is the first toy box in all of Disney Infinity to be created by someone other than a Disney employee.
  • It is the only toy box of the first five weeks of featured toy boxes to be made by someone other than Disney.
  • On the official Disney Infinity site, the creator is listed as simply being the Disney Infinity Team.