IcoN-hex-Toy Story in Space IcoN-Edition-1.0
Franchise Toy Story
Model INF-1000016
Costume Woody Costume
Voiced by Jim Hanks[1]
Combat Ranged
"Whether you're looking for a no-nonsense sheriff or a reliable pal, he's your man!"
--Hall of Heroes statue inscription

Woody (aka Sheriff Woody Pride, Sheriff Woody) is a character from the Pixar Toy Story movie. He may be used in:

"Woody's Roundup" is added to the Disney Infinity 1.0 Adventures menu when the figure is placed on the Disney Infinity Base.

He was released on October 1st exclusively at Walmart, and on October 22nd everywhere else.


Woody can shoulder bash and throw Pixar Balls like Buzz Lightyear and Jessie. His Special Ability is "Marksman".


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  • Sheriff Woody, at your service.
  • Well, hello partner!
  • Ha-ha! Howdy, cowboy! I'm ready when you are!


  • Woody's last name (Pride) is never said in the Toy story franchise.
  • Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie are the only figures in series 2 that are not Toy Box only.
  • His voice actor in Disney Infinity, Jim Hanks, is the brother of Woody's original voice actor Tom Hanks


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