Garazeb Orrelios
Zeb Orrelios
Character information
Name Garazeb Orrelios
Franchise Star Wars Rebels
Sex Male
Species Lasat
Friends Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, Ahsoka Tano, R2-D2, C-3PO, Hera Syndulla
Enemies The Inquisitor, Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Tarkin, Vader, The Emperor, Kallus
Voice Actor Steve Blum

"You can call me Zeb, if you ask nicely."
-Zeb Orrelios, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios is a character from Star Wars Rebels. He was comfirmed to be playable on June 12th, 2015. He is playable in the Toy Box and unlockable in all Star Wars playsets, even though he has no "native" play set.[1] He is currently available as a GameStop timed exclusive figure. [2]


Zeb is a male Lasat with purple skin and green eyes with facial hair on the sides of his face and a goatee. He wears a yellow jumpsuit with some green armour. His figure carries his AB-75 bo-rifle behind him. Zeb's design in Rebels is the original design of Chewbacca


Zeb Orrelios is as strong a brawler as he is headstrong. He stands alongside his fellow rebels with his bo-rifle in hand, ready to take on the Imperial forces. Zeb is a tough and intimidating individual, usually quick to anger or violence, but also has a slightly childish side, especially when he argues or bonds with Ezra.

Star Wars Rebels

Zeb is one of the Rebels of The Ghost on Lothal. On his homeplanet Lasan, he was a member of Honor Guard of Lasan, until the Empire wiped out nearly all of his species. He later joined the Rebels of Lothal to fight back against the Empire. At first, Zeb was unwelcoming and hostile toward The Ghost's newest member Ezra, but over time, they developed a brotherly bond.


Zeb fights with his bo-rifle,[3] a long weapon which combines the functionality of a blaster with that of an electrostaff (the weapon carried by Magna Guard). This allows him to use it for both long- and short-range attacks.


The team at Disney Interactive knew from the very beginning of the development of Disney Infinity 3.0 that they wanted to add Characters from Star Wars Rebels into the game, and work began on the creation of those characters before the first episode of the series ever even aired.[4]

Like all of the Playable Characters in the game from Star Wars Rebels, Zeb appears in-game in his Star Wars Rebels season two design. This was done because season two would be the season airing when the characters were released.[4] However, he is the only of the four characters from the series that does not seem to really change in appearance between the two seasons.

According to Jeff Bunker, the biggest challenge with Zeb's design was actually getting his figure to fit into his box. Zeb is a rather large character with a long blaster, so the team had to put his bo-rifle behind his back rather than out in front of him and make him squat down. Bunker said that with Zeb, the team had to take it "down to the millimeter" with what they could fit inside the box. He called Zeb "an engineering nightmare," due to all of the many parts that make up his figure.[4]


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